Twenty one years ago, we opened the doors of C3Workplace (then called Above & Beyond).  I naively and gratefully look back and realize that for me, failure simply was not an option.  We set goals and we worked toward them … sometimes in grand gestures and sometimes, worn and weary, we just continued showing up.  We learned from both our successes and our failures.

Over these last 21 years, we have had the great good fortune of helping well over 1,200 companies to start and grow (and those are the ones who actually paid us).  I believe we have had a ripple effect that has far exceeded those 1,200 … and so can you. That’s why we are here:  We believe companies should be a force for good and you can too.


So indulge me, once again, while I publicly express my deep gratitude (& lessons learned) with a little
“David Letterman” style top 10 list:

10. Countless vendors who had to up their game to play at our level –set the bar high for yourself and you can then set it high for everyone around you.

9. All the prospects who said NO to me … you taught me how to say no as well: you do not have to do business with everyone.

8. My many coaches, consultants, advisory boards and instructors over the years – you cannot gain perspective when you are steering the ship and you cannot do it all: ask for help.

7. My prior boss who would not sell me the business even though my offer was well above actual value; you motivated me to dare greatly and it’s turned out pretty darn well – success really is the best revenge :)

6. My clients who followed me from my prior employer, several who are still clients 20 years later, you know who you are and I am forever grateful – it’s all about relationships, build them deeply.

5. My parents who, although they are gone and have been for quite some time, are an integral part of this organization because they taught me the value of old fashioned hard work, basic manners, and The Golden Rule; principals this company was built on — get clear on your values and live them out loud.

4. My initial investors and partner:  Mary, Cheryl, Clara, Irene – without your belief in me and my (rather detailed) business plan, there would be no C3Workplace – now you know why I harp on about business plans—they really DO matter.

3. My husband and family who have always supported me …surround yourself with people who raise you up: life’s too short for anything less than positivity.

2. My staff, and there have been many team members over the years. You make we want to be a better leader and my heart swells when I think of each of you (present and past) – empower your team, you’ll be amazed where it can take you.

AND the # 1 thing I am grateful for:

ALL OF YOU … clients and colleagues. Simply put, I would not be here without you.

anniv card

So today I extend a sincere, but simple: thank you for your business, your support, and your friendship.

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