It has been said that you cannot be in two places at once. I disagree. Well, sort of. Imagine this: you’ve built your platform, you’ve become the “it” person in your chosen field, people are reaching out to you with opportunities (never mind them actually taking your calls), and you are regularly saying NO to good opportunities because GREAT opportunities are in front of you. And, wait for it …. people are talking about you when you are not even in the room!

Yep, that’s the power of influence. That’s how you end up in two, three, four places at once. That’s how you build your reach, play on a bigger stage – build a profitable company that does NOT suck the soul out of the rest of your life.

But how??? Oh, you know I love the “but how Donna?” questions. Well, here are 3 steps to grow your influence:

1. Get Clear on Your Values

First, you need to get clear on your values and live them out loud. If you don’t have a mission values vision statement (what you do, what you stand for & where you are going), you cannot find the people who believe what you believe. To really connect with your ideal target market, your NICHE market, you must form an emotional connection. (Email me for a worksheet on how to write your MVV.)

2. Deliver Massive Value

Once you know what you stand for and you are attracting like-minded partners who share your niche market (yep, collaborators), go all in to deliver massive value. Be a thought leader, volunteer, sit on boards, be a servant leader – teach what you know. Give as much of your content away as you can. Gary Vaynerchuk refers to giving content away as his “gateway drug” to massive opportunities. Kinda worked for him, right!? Apparently, FREE is not a dirty word when it comes to content!

3. Take Action

Document your plan or idea (yep, there’s that written plan I’m always yammering about). What will you do, what does your partner need to do, and how does that create massive value for your shared market (think 1+1=10 and make it happen). As you start to “reach up,” be sure to highlight where the value is for your potential partners as well as your shared market.

Bear in mind, HOW you ask will show HOW you conduct yourself in business (and life) – it matters. Make it super easy for people (think cut and paste) to show them that you are willing to do the heavy lifting and that you have thought the idea through (it’s not a shiny object).

Clarity + Value + Action = More Influence

More influence means you are working smarter, not harder. It means you are in the room even when you are not physically there. It drives referrals (your highest close ratio). It means you are creating momentum … which becomes unstoppable.

As a business growth consultant, I teach what I know. I have built a company that runs and grows without me involved in every little detail. I now teach others to do the same. Trust me – it’s all about working smarter, not harder and influence is a superpower you need to harness!

If you want a great example of partnering and building influence, check out the CollabHERation Conference. This is a great example of collaboration, free content AND me playing on a bigger stage as I interview Danielle Monaro from Z100.

Trust me, you can too …

As always, I am happy to jump on a call to see how we can help you grow your business – no pressure, just a genuine desire to change the world, one company at a time 😊


How can I grow my influence in my field?

To grow your influence, get clear on your values, deliver massive value, and take strategic action. Connect with like-minded individuals and offer valuable content to your audience.

Why are mission values vision statements important?

A mission values vision statement helps you identify what you stand for and attracts people who share your beliefs, creating a strong emotional connection with your target market.

What does delivering massive value mean?

Delivering massive value means providing significant benefits to your audience and collaborators, often by sharing your knowledge, volunteering, and being a thought leader in your industry.

How can I make my business run more efficiently?

Automate repetitive tasks, document your plans, and collaborate effectively with partners. Focus on creating systems that allow your business to operate smoothly without your constant involvement.

What is the CollabHERation Conference?

The CollabHERation Conference is an event that showcases the power of collaboration and influence. It features interviews and discussions with industry leaders, offering valuable insights and free content.