We’ve reached the lazy days of summer. If you were able to follow a few of the tips in my 5 Ways to Get Some Summer This Summer, you’ve probably planned some time off this month? No? Or, you were able to take a few extra days off? No?

Not to worry, there’s still time. I’ve got 4 Tips on how to power through the rest of the summer:

1. Find some inspiration – read a book, listen to an audio book, watch webinars, or subscribe to podcasts (check out Stitcher – a constant source of inspiration). I am currently re-reading “Small Giants – Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big” and they have built a community, so I can also attend webinars and virtual meetings. This book helped me shape my C3Workplace’s mission values and vision. Which leads me to…

2. Revisit YOUR Mission Values Vision statement – is your work still aligned? Do you need to adjust a few activities?  Do you need to make sure you team knows yours MVV?  Make sure they are living it?  Perhaps take a little time this month to ask your team how they are fulfilling your MVV?   Was your reply that you don’t have a written MVV – we’ll here’s a great place to start …

3. Create a Vision Board – I have to admit, I’m not a “sit & cut pictures out of a magazine” kind of gal, I’m a whiteboard gal. Get one, start to write out what you want to do, be, or have. What goes in the center, what are the buckets that you need to fill. Where can you connect the dots to produce the life of your dreams?

BTW – PostIt Notes now sells stick on white boards in a variety of sizes – I just bought a new 4’ x 6’ board ($90 on Amazon). Oh the places I’ll go!

4. Power Down – Sounds crazy, but the best way to power through is often to power down. Take time off! If you just don’t feel you can take time off, set boundaries. Take social media and email off of your phone – here’s a concept use your phone simply as a phone on weekends?!?!

As for me, once again, I will be working on my MBA this August (Management By Absence). I took me a “few” years to engineer this level of work-life integration, but you can too.  Last Tool:  contact us and let’s talk about how to help you build a business that fuels the life of your dreams.

About the Author

Donna Miller is a business and community leader, a speaker, an educator and an entrepreneur who is passionate about seeing small businesses thrive. Her team has helped thousands of companies to start and grow by providing office space, virtual assistance, bookkeeping, educational programs and advisory services.  She believes in the power of collaboration (C3=Connect, Collaborate, Community) and that companies should be a force for good. She is the recipient of numerous awards, a sought-after speaker, and is grateful to be a servant leader in several volunteer roles.  She is a regular blogger and can often be found on a beach writing.