Work from the BeachI write this blog on a beach in Cabo, Mexico.  It’s 75 degrees and sunny. As Tim Ferriss, in the 4 Hour Work Week would say, I am working on my MBAManagement By Absence. I tell you this not to make you jealous, but to share with you what I know for sure: time away makes me a better business owner, manager, wife …. person.

Sound impossible?  It’s not.  And if it is, you are heading straight for burnout and  seriously need to consider a little re-engineering.  Here are 5 steps I recommend:

  1. Start small – schedule at least one day per month to work from a place that brings you inspiration. Work from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Jersey Shore, the Statue of Liberty, your favorite park.  It doesn’t need to be far or expensive.  Change your view & you can change your world.
  2. Focus ON the business vs IN the business – no project work or tasks, just you and your solid business companion … strategy!
  3. Do nothing – there I said it. For me, doing nothing is one of the most strategically productive things I can “do”.  Sounds crazy, but for me it’s the equivalent of business meditation or prayer … just sit with it.
  4. Go low tech – no phones, no tablets. Just you, a pen and paper.  There is something very liberating about just writing, scribbling or doodling when it comes to strategy.  You can pretty it up later, but don’t block the creative flow.
  5. Budget – your time and finances so that you can expand both the frequency and location of your remote work.

The goal for me used to be retirement by 50 (I hit that milestone & realized I am NOT the slowing down kind of gal) … now the goal is to continue to do what I love, but to do it from anywhere.

If you need to get more strategic about your business, need to get a better handle on your finances, need to start the process of delegating … we can help!

Your business should be fueling the life of your dreams … is it ?


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