Maybe it’s just the human condition – always striving for more. For something better, faster, different. And yes, that mindset has its advantages, helping us push forward and achieve greater.

But, from time to time, we need to stop: to stop and appreciate what we have, to stop and recognize what we’ve achieved, to stop and realize how far we’ve come.

Today, we ask you to take that moment, to stop what you’re doing and recognize that running your own business is no easy task, but you’re doing it. And by doing so – you’re inspiring others.

That’s why today, we’d like to share how YOU inspire US every day. We are thankful to work alongside entrepreneurs every day. And here’s why…

1) Community

“I am thankful for the community of small business owners and entrepreneurs that we get to work with everyday who are genuinely as invested in our success and growth as their own. They are quick to offer resources, guidance, and skills from their areas of expertise to help those around them achieve greatness, which is so inspiring.” – Jessie Denos, Client Support Rep

2) Growth

“The best thing I love about working for a small business owner is the opportunity to see first-hand how a business grows and works. The owner is often in the trenches with you because it is their baby that is being nurtured and is hands on with their team. It is truly inspiring.” – Tasha Torres, Client Support Rep

3) Innovation

“Being able to learn from true innovators is an inspiration every day. No matter what issue may pop up, business owners are quick to make it work. Being a part of that process has helped me to think in different ways and discover newpaths.” – Kerry Kilborn, Client Support Rep & Bookkeeper


4) Diversity

I love working with small businesses because each day is different – you never know what you will get, or what new person you get to work with. There’s so much that goes into making a company grow and it’s inspiring to see that fromthe beginning.” – Barbara Ruiz, Client Support Specialist


5) Goals

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to help businesses grow and reach their goals. We’ve worked with many different companies over the years and, though they all have different goals and levels they’re on, it never stops being inspiring when they get to where they want to go.” – Terri Goldman, Lead Bookkeeper

6) Teamwork

“I am thankful to be working with such a successful team that has been instrumental in helping to develop and grow entrepreneurs/small businesses.” – Pam Freeman, Bookkeeper

7) Inspiration

“I am grateful for the inspiration! There is something wonderfully fulfilling about seeing someone’s dream become a reality. Someone was so committed to their purpose, they said this is my dream for myself and for the world. Whatever it takes – through the unknown, the growth, the learning, the unlearning, and beyond to bring the dream to life. Super inspiring!” – Glenda Serrano, Client Support Specialist

8) The Friendships

“You always hear how cutthroat business can be, and while sure, there’s some truth to it, working in the small business world over the past ten years, I have to say that the friendships you make with fellow business owners has been my favorite part by far! Entrepreneurs just “get” each other, they understand each other’s struggles, and they’re always quick to help and offer inspiration when you need it most. Being able to get together with other business owners is always a nice breather and ALWAYS a fun time!” –Kelly Louro, Client Support Specialist

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season on our doorsteps, make sure you take time to appreciate your hard work, your dedication, and all that you’ve achieved thus far. And we’d love to hear from YOU as well! What are you thankful for?

From our C3 Family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, food, and lots of hearty laughs!