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Wouldn’t you like a return of 4300% on your investment? Heck yeah!

Here are a few more stats from the same source (Hubspot):

  • 70% of digital marketers find this platform to deliver their top ROI
  • 60% of all marketers report this platform delivers a positive ROI

Frankly, if Seth Godin built the platform (pretty much) and possibly his empire around it – I am IN!  Of course, you realize by now, I’m talking about email marketing.

As we arm you with information on how we grew our organization, so you can grow yours, we simply cannot skip email marketing.  As we talk about our ability to manage what we measure, again we cannot skip this extremely measurable platform.  For us, our emails are the entry point to our lead funnel, the way we nurture our leads moving them through that funnel and our single strongest conversion tool.

Here’s what I know for sure – I began email marketing about 8 years ago.  We typically send 1-2 emails per month.  I have never not gotten at least one conversion (enquiry, sales, event booking, referral).  Let me repeat that – every single email I have ever sent has had a positive ROI. I can measure that, I do measure that and so should you!

The platform has changed, of course.  It’s definitely more crowded, but you can and must stand out.  You need to follow the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) rule and provide valuable, authentic content that your audience can learn from (be a thought leader) and implement (be a teacher).

In that spirit, here are a few ways for you to improve your email marketing:

  • Get clear on your target (how many times have you heard me say that!). Make your message compelling & relevant. Educate, inspire and blog via email.
  • Write killer subject lines – use A/B testing to measure what works with your audience.
  • Use the preheaders – what a missed opportunity if you don’t. Remember your compelling statements bear repeating.
  • For the love of smart marketing – make sure it’s mobile friendly. Send yourself a test and read it on multiple platforms.  Does it read well across mobile, tablet & desktop? If not, modify.

And, drum roll please …

  • MEASURE results – watch your opens & click-throughs. Monitor both your new subscriber rate and your unsubscribe rates. Over time you will absolutely be able to identify your trends and tweak your strategy for even better ROI.

There are many options in email carriers and pros/cons to each.  We are Constant Contact authorized reps.  We know, like, trust and use the platform.  They truly love small business, as we do, and support our community in so many ways. I am happy to say they are also a C3Workplace collaborator and sponsor as well.

If you are not already email marketing – what are you waiting for?  We’d be happy to hook you up with a 60 day free trial, just click here.

If you would like to explore improving your email ROI, click here for a complimentary consult.  No pressure, really – just a marketing centered conversation between two business owners.

Stay tuned … there’s always more to come!

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