If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of having a Business Plan which includes your Financial Plan (budget) and Marketing Plan.  Plain and simple, it’s your roadmap.  Many entrepreneurs are good at planning, but perhaps not so strong on executing.  As a result, they remain frustrated with their results.  That’s where Behavior Goals come in – these are the day to day activities that you commit to and here’s why:

Speedometer - Reaching Your Goal
  1. Daily behavior goals let you break down the task into manageable sizes.  If you commit to making 10 prospect calls per day (sounds do-able), that means you will make 200 per month or 2400 per year.  It really adds up
  2. Behavior goals allow you to test and measure your target markets.  If you split your activity between a few niche markets, you can measure results and have laser focus with your valuable time.
  3. Behavior goals take the pressure off of results.  If I commit to ASKING for speaking opportunities at least 3 times per week, the results will come.
  4. Behavior goals transform themselves into habits.   By creating the behavior goal to ask for speaking engagements, it has become a habit and I easily achieve my actual goal of speaking twice per month (please do contact me regarding my speaking topics for your association or group J).
  5. Behavior goals allow you to test and measure what’s working and what’s not and change course appropriately for maximum ROI.
  6. If you are a visual learner, like I am, you can create visuals with your behavior goals that become motivating
  7. As you scale your organization, behavior goals allow you to set realistic goals for others and metrics around what works for your business.
  8. Behavior goals keep you from spending too much time on tasks you use to procrastinate or avoid the things you should be doing.  For instance, I have a behavior goal to spend no more than 30 minutes a day on social media.
  9. Behavior goals allow you to test the appropriate mix of sales and marketing activities providing you with real data (vs gut instinct) on what’s truly working.
  10. Behavior goals keep you accountable to yourself.

A favorite tip of mine when it comes to the tasks I don’t want to do is to do them first thing in the day – it gives me a great sense of accomplishment (of task and “fear”) to start my day with.

What are some of your behavior goals?  If you’re not clear or you’d like help establishing them, check out our Earn More Program – an intensive 7-month program that will help integrate “doing the behavior” into your daily routine – or feel free to comment here with questions or suggestions for your fellow readers.

Stay tuned ….

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