C3 - Connect, Collaborate, Community

To borrow a phrase from Oprah, here’s what I know for sure: trying to build a business on your own or in isolation is not only very hard but it will absolutely limit your success. That, my friends, is what you should consider a nasty self-limiting belief. If you’ve been listening to me rant for any length of time, you know that not only should you delegate that which does not drive your business forward, but you also need to harness the power of collaboration in ways that can monetize your passion.

I often hear people say you need “passion” to grow a business. Maybe. It helps, but it’s not primary in my book. I believe, as Simon Sinek does, that people do business with WHY you do what you do, not WHAT you do. I also believe if you can get clear on your why, you will monetize (cha-ching) your passion. Sounds great, right?!

That’s where C3 = Connect, Collaboration, Community comes in.

Those 3 words represent HOW we do what we do here at C3Workplace and they are the core of our WHY:

  • We believe that companies should be a force for good.
  • We believe there’s nothing small about small business.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration.

We have created a community of like-minded professionals and provide ways for them (you) to connect and collaborate. And, it works! Our clients are growing and we are growing, and that growth spills into the communities we live in – pretty awesome, I know :)

Oh, by the way, we just happen to provide gorgeous office/meeting space, stellar back office support, professional bookkeeping services and advanced educational programs (our WHAT).

But you know us by now, we don’t just talk the talk, we live our values out loud. Our 4th Annual Small Business Week Celebration is a perfect example of using collaboration to create win-win-win scenarios. It will include 14 amazing speakers, business building content and networking, supported by sponsors who truly want to see you succeed. Imagine 200 people in a room with shared values – that’s some crazy powerful energy.

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