Can You Help Us Stay Accountable To Our 2018 Goals?

Is it just us or did 2017 fly by? It feels like just yesterday we were discussing the best ways to de-stress during year end and looking forward to a squeaky clean 2017. And now here we are, on the precipice of 2018 and readying ourselves to take the plunge into a new year yet again.

So, how do you prepare yourself for the new year ahead? Here at C3Workplace, we know a new year isn’t about starting over, but upping the ante. It’s about making this year better than the last. And we’d like to do something a little different this time around. We’d like your help in sticking to our goals!

To help keep ourselves accountable, here are 7 goals we’d like to focus on for the year ahead, and we’d love if you’d help us stick to them!

Our 2018 Goals

1) Learn from 2017

We are and always have been major supporters of documenting our business practices. Whether it’s keeping account management journals, to keeping a running list of our goals, achievements, lessons, and to do’s. So, for our first step this year – we’re looking back over the past 12 months. What worked, what didn’t, and what was left undone. If you’re anything like us, a new year doesn’t mean everything that came before it disappears. We’re about expanding our empire, not starting from scratch.

2) Set (and reach) one Goal per month

Big or small, having a goal is the key. And one that we document and strive for. Whether it’s making 20 account management calls, attending 2 networking events, or simply going through an old filing cabinet and making room for the new, having at least one goal per month is a great way to keep things moving. And it’s OK if the goal isn’t world-changing. One step at a time is miles traveled before you realize it.

3) Increase Customer Loyalty

This one isn’t new for 2018, but something we strive to focus on all the time. The title may also be misleading, as loyalty is something we see as a two-way road. Apart from striving to provide our clients with the above and beyond service they’ve come to rely on, we want to make sure that we continue to offer cutting-edge information and the broad business education our clients need in their daily work lives. We believe that as long as we keep up on our end, our clients will recognize the value in our business, thus creating the loyalty chain.

4) Make sure we use our vacation time!

This one is very important to us, and hope you’ll help us stick to them. Our staff here at C3Workplace is our most precious commodity. Without the hard-working admins behind the scenes helping to expand our reach and bring our clients up to higher levels, C3Workplace would just be less – less bright, less vibrant, less valuable as a whole. So, we want to make sure that hard work is balanced out by vital time off to be with friends and family. Be sure to ask us about our upcoming vacations, or how we plan to spend our holidays. Time away is vital to avoiding burn out. Hopefully you add this one to your list as well!

5) Make time for Spring Cleaning

Sure, this can be taken in one of two ways: 1) literal cleaning in and around your office space. Are there files or papers or just general clutter in your workspace that you’ve inadvertently evolved a blind spot for? It’s totally OK – it happens to us, too – that’s why we make it a point to focus on it! Clear that space out and get rid of the clutter. You’ll be surprised at how physical space can open up your mind. Or 2) going through your old business processes and cleaning out the old, the outdated, or the dusty ways of doing things and learning to take a new approach. Whether it’s employing new technologies into our day to day, or finally deciding to purchase that software we know will help things run smoother. We can’t wait to take a good hard look at how we run our back-end and to spruce it up a bit. We guarantee if you do it, too, some dusty corners will be revealed.

6) Take the time to always give recognition

In our office, we love giving kudos! Anytime a member of our staff does exemplary work, an email is sent out office-wide celebrating their achievements. And what’s great is that the kudos can come from anyone, not just management. As a staff that works side-by-side, sometimes it’s the little moments that only a coworker would notice that deserve the biggest kudos. And we want to make sure we keep up our tradition. Not only that, we want to expand upon it. This year, we’d love to look outward to our clients, our friends, and our colleagues to make sure the small moments don’t pass us by. If you have something to celebrate – we’d love to help! If you see something worth celebrating, don’t be afraid to give a shout out. You never know how much of an impact it may have upon a person’s day. And we can’t wait to see what good we can celebrate in the months ahead.

7) Continue to look and plan ahead to the next year

Much as a year is a cycle of growth and renewal, it’s important to keep in mind what’s worked and what we plan to do in the future. We like starting a new year off by looking back, so all year long, we need to make sure we’re looking ahead and anticipating that review. Number 1 on this list required that we spent the year documenting our hard work, we would be remiss if we didn’t keep our tradition alive this year as well. Keeping ourselves accountable is one of the most important aspects of growing as a business. If ever there is growth to be had, it’s by self-reflection. So, we’d like to make sure we stay true to ourselves, and our clients, by keeping C3Workplace accountable, all year long.

We love to think of the new year as both a time of reflection and a time of action. With so many exciting prospects on the horizon and so many plans in the works, we want to make sure that we remain accountable, not just to ourselves, but to our clients and community. And hopefully we can help you as well. Whether we can help you grow your business or help you to connect with your community on a higher level, we’d love to make 2018 a win-win-win for everyone.

What big plans do YOU have for the year ahead? We’d love to help you achieve them.