This used to be a unique statement pre-COVID.  I used to do my annual blog from the beach and I’d get lots of “lucky you” comments.  I’m so glad it’s become the norm for more and more people, but it has very little to do with luck unless it’s the “luck” you create.  You’ve probably heard the phrase “the harder I work the luckier I get.”  I disagree, in my experience it’s more like “the smarter I work, the luckier I get”.

So as we start a New Year, here are my 10 tried & true ideas that have worked for me to increase my “luck” –

1. Find your sweet spot. Bigger isn’t always better. For me, being an entrepreneur has always been about work-life harmony while making a nice living aligned with my values (big sentence there, more to come).

2. Get clear on your niche. Trying to serve everyone or identifying your target market as “small and medium size business” (another version of everyone) is like trying to boil the ocean. Find your people and go deep.

3. Build partnerships. As we enter the era of AI, I believe connection will become your superpower. Once you know your niche, build partnerships to help you infiltrate faster and deeper. Create the table that you want to sit at.

4. Be a servant leader. As you give to the world, so the world will give to you. Do you want to create some massive “luck” – SERVE.  Show up, give of your time, talent & resources – in my experience, it comes back 10fold+ and it’s aligned with my values (huge bonus).

5. Know your worth and charge for it. Profit drives possibility … ‘nuf said.

6. Take the time to identify your top 3 values & build your platform based on those values. People do business with WHY you do what you do more than WHAT you do (ya all know I’m a big Simon Sinek fan).

7. Cultivate influence. I speak on this regularly and trust me, influence is a process that anyone can execute on. Influence has you in the room when you are not even there – talk about working smarter!

8. Build your confidence. I believe is a practice rooted in competence which leads me to …

9. Be a student for life. Stay relevant, know your shit, work to see around corners for your clients & partners. You cannot BS your way into being a go-to resource.

10. Block time to THINK. This one is relatively new for me.  We are increasingly bombarded with massive amounts of content making it harder and harder to make room for fresh ideas & perspective. I now have a “thinking list” and I schedule time to ruminate on those items (personal and professional) … I’ve had some fabulous ideas & breakthroughs.  I believe you will too.

None of these ideas are rocket science or a magic answer. There is no magic answer. But there is a simple process you can follow to decide how to work smarter this year. In the simplest of terms it is: look back to plan forward.

I am currently blocking time to do just that … reflect, think and plan.  Not all that glamorous, but super effective:  what worked, what didn’t, what should I keep doing, stop doing etc.

If you’d like to follow my particular process, click here to access our Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Workbook. 

Here’s to creating more luck in 2024 … we are happy to schedule a discovery call to brainstorm how you can do just that.  Rock on people …

Donna Miller is a Business Growth Consultant and Chief Visionary Officer at C3Workplace and founder of Donna Miller-Business Growth Consulting.  She and her team have helped thousands of companies to start and grow.  She has an innate ability to help you focus on what will drive your business forward and produce massive results.  Enjoy this blog from Donna and stay tuned next month for more great business growth advice.

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