We are delighted to provide the content of some of our past programs here.  We hope you enjoy!

QuickBooks – Year End Prep

A stress-free financial year end can happen – we’ll show you how. The secret is in knowing what to look and what it all means.

Get your QB file ready for the accountant and save significantly over the normal cost of tax prep.

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Budget/Forecast/Performance Review

Many small businesses review their Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss on a regular basis – but that is NOT enough!

All businesses, regardless o size, need to take the time to create a budget, review that budget on a regular basis, and take what is learned from those review and re-forecast the future to make better decisions for the growth of your company.

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The Power of QuickBooks Reports

Financial literacy is likely the most powerful business development tool you can possess. It is imperative that you understand your numbers and what they can tell you about your business.

QB has very simple yet comprehensive reports to tell you all you need to know. We’ll show you what these reports are and how to read them!

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QuickBooks Online – Tips & Tricks

Intuit has made a big shift towards QB Online. You may have questions, such as:

How is QB Online different than desktop?
Is it the right choice for you?
How do you navigate around this new edition?
What are some tips and tricks to make everything EASIER?

Get the answers you need and become a pro!

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QuickBooks – Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Are you billing clients for all of your time and expenses – or do these things get lost? If you are not capturing all of your time and expenses – you are leaving money on the table.

QuickBooks allows for a simple process to make sure you capture it all. Plus – when it’s done, you will be able to determine what aspects of your business are profitable!

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Attorney Recordkeeping Requirements

Enjoy this webinar on the helpful hints for attorneys to know their recordkeeping requirements by NJ Court Rule 1:21-6 as well as what types of records should be kept and for how long.

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Growing Your Business & Having A Life

Are you a Women Business Owner feeling overwhelmed? Do you want to grow your business but not sure how? Do you want to have it all while being in business for yourself? Listen to how C3’s very own Donna Miller & Pampering4Life Wellness show you just how to have it all while having a life.

Listen in on the radio show below!


Work Smarter – 10 QuickBooks Time Saving Tips

QuickBooks is a fabulous business tool to help you manage your billing and expenses. But like any tool, it’s only as good as your knowledge of it!

Have you ever felt that you spend hours doing something that should take minutes … you are probably right!

Feel like you are operating at about 20% knowledge level on QuickBooks … you are probably right!

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Identity Theft: How To Protect Yourself

Identity Theft: an ongoing issue dealt with millions of Americans each year. Why wait for your turn to be abused by the fastest growing crime in America when you can be prepared beforehand?

With this webinar, you can learn: If and how someone has stolen your personal information, how to protect your personal information, what to do if your identity is stolen, and what are the most common fraud schemes out there!

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Crunching the Numbers: Are You Ready for Your First Hire?

Enjoy this free webinar that President and Founder of C3Workplace, Donna Miller, explains the benefits of hiring the right people to support you and your business. Learning the basis and conditions of having your first hire without all the mistakes!

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How to Have a Life & Be Healthy Too!

Do you find there’s never enough time do do anything you want, and you keep putting yourself last?

Healthy choices seem like a chore, exercise falls by the wayside, and it’s too tough to get started on change?

Take a deep breath, stop beating yourself up, and know that you have a choice.

Learn quick and simple strategies to find more time and control over your day, how to quiet the negative head chatter, and fit mindfulness, movement, and healthy nourishment into your day. It’s time to walk away from “all or nothing” behavior and become your most vibrant self!

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QB 101 – 10 Tips & Tricks You Can’t Live Without 

QuickBooks is a fabulous business tool to help you manage your billing and expenses. But like any tool, it’s as good as your knowledge of it! Karen Weeks, C3Workplace’s Bookkeeping Manager and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, will share some helpful hints in this webinar on how to make this valuable tool work for you in growing your business.

Enjoy this FREE webinar on the tips and tricks you can not live without!

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Top 7 Outlook Tips to Boost Productivity

C3Workplace’s February focus is managing you tasks to make time and Donna Miller shared her Top 7 Outlook Tips & Tricks to help streamline your tasks and boost efficiency. Outlook is an incredible tool and, for many, the hub of both communication and schedule-keeping. These tips will help you cut down on redundancy and allow greater focus on the tasks that matter. Because, after all, time management is a myth, task management is the reality.

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Time is Ticking – 1099’s are due!

Want to make sure you’re in the clear come tax time? Whether you’re hopelessly lost in paperwork, or just have a few simple questions, our webinar will help clarify and ease all worries!

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Delegation – Let Go to Grow.. and Start with Your Bookkeeping

Join President & Founder, Donna Miller as she shares the tools that have helped her to grow a multi-location organization AND have a life! We’ll cover: is it time to delegate, what should you delegate, how to empower but not relinquish control, building extended teams, measuring your ROI on the cost of delegating. Join us to learn how you can win up to $1,800 in services.

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Hangout on Collaboration Corner 

Join Donna Miller and her guests for discussions relevant to starting and growing your small business.  You’ll draw from decades of small business success and learn strategies for marketing, managing, leading, inspiring and … plain old, just keeping it together when it’s all just you, you you!

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Avoid the Panic – Year End Prep

Exactly what you need to know in order to prepare for year end. We cover best practices and new regulations throughout this webinar presentation. The goal: reduce the stress!

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Sean Carroll Presents:  Get Off the Hamster Wheel Audio Recording

Have you ever felt that your sales efforts go round and round – and never really get anywhere?  Are you ready to have powerful and authentic sales conversations that inspire your ideal clients to BUY?


Gilda Bonanno:  Communicating with Confidence on the Phone

Learn how to project your best self on those important phone conversations and presentations.