A Ho-Ho-How to!

Been dealing with any of these issues lately?:

  • Picky (and very demanding) clients
  • Extensive list and behavior tracking
  • Managing a diverse team of workers
  • Tight, looming deadlines
  • Impossible travel schedule

With the holiday season in full swing, it occurred to us that we already have a shining example of someone who deals with all the above and more every year. Someone who handles all the ins and outs of client satisfaction, as well as office management with ease. So, without further ado, we’d like to discuss Goal Setting as demonstrated by the guy who gets the job done right AND on time every year – Santa Claus!

  1. Listen to your Clients

You’ve got a big job ahead, and you want to make sure you do it right the first time. So what should you do? ASK! Ask your client what they want to ensure the goals are clear and you’re going in the right direction.

You don’t need an army of mall Santa’s to gather this intel, nor do you need to seat your client upon your lap (in fact, definitely DON’T do that) – just pick up the phone or write an email and get in writing!

  1. Set a deadline

With all the work you’ve got ahead of you, the first step, always, is to set deadlines and schedules! They could be minor deadlines to help you keep ahead of the curve, or a bright red circle around the “big day” to keep you on track.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have the same (Dec. 25th) deadline every year but keeping a day in mind and working toward the goal always helps to get the job done!

  1. Make a list (& check it twice!)

With client expectations and deadlines secured, it’s time to start making a list. Make sure you map all that needs to be done and keep track of the important matters.

Whether your client has been good or bad this year isn’t a very important tracking point for most business owners, however it DOES help to keep an account management journal of all the back and forth between you and your client so you can document progress. No coal required!

  1. Delegate

Of course, we aren’t lucky enough to have a factory of elves or a team of flying reindeer at our disposal, however there are always options to get (real) help. Look at the tasks at hand and figure out what would be the best course of action to get the job done.

A team of experienced assistants can feel just as magical as Santa’s workshop – and just as efficient!

  1. Enjoy the work you do!

As the business owner, you are the face for your organization. It’s also part of your job to inspire those around you to do and be better. Genuinely enjoying your work, and letting that be known, is a like a magnet for more opportunity. People notice when you love what you do, and they will be drawn to you. Heck, maybe you’ll even get some cookies and milk for your efforts, too.

All kidding aside, Goal Setting and managing those goals can be made so much easier with the appropriate steps. Don’t feel overwhelmed. There’s always help available to get you and your business to the level that you know it can be.

The holidays can be hectic, and we hope we’ve helped to put a smile on your face as the whirlwind of family, friends, work, and life swirl around you. And remember, we here at C3Workplace are always available to help you with any task – big or small.

From our C3 family to yours, we hope your holidays have been filled with love, light, and laughter!