Gratitude In Action

Here at C3Workplace, we believe companies should be a force for good. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats. We believe you should not have to check your values at the door of your office, but rather your job should reflect your values. This is the cornerstone of all we do.

In the spirit of the season and of being a force for good here are a few ideas on how we turn our gratitude into an action (and how you can too):

  1. Share the wealth. Consider giving to the Partners for Health Holiday Matching Grant – You can immediately double your contribution to benefit local soup kitchens, food pantries and organizations working to address the persistent issues of hunger and homelessness right in our local communities. There are several organizations they support including the Salvation Army’s feeding programs. Or, choose your own charity – I believe we are stewards and are meant to share what we are given, so share.
  1. Where can you provide pro bono work? How do you pay it forward? Here at C3Workplace we seek to support local non-profits in several ways: by donating, by using our reach to spread the word and by providing services on pro bono basis. If you’ve got a non-profit that needs some administrative back office support, event organization, marketing execution or bookkeeping services in 2017 contact us today to explore the possibility of pro bono services.
  1. Use your voice. As a business owner or leader, you’ve got reach and influence. Decide what you stand for and use your voice to make an impact. This is where social media becomes your voice for good – and boy oh boy, that would be a much-needed shift.

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, my hope is that we will all realize how much we take for granted that others consider luxury or simply go without. I hope you will be present in the moment and realize all the blessings that you have – even the blessings in the things that don’t quite go your way (those are called lessons my friend).

Lastly, I say a sincere, simple and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you. These last 23 years have been a blessing to all of us here at C3Workplace – your business, your friendship and your support mean the world to us.

Wishing you and yours the blessings of the season and a heart to share them.

Stay tuned …

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