It often amazes me how stressed out people get about change.  But they do.  If there’s one thing you can count on in life or business, it’s change:

  • Seasons change
  • People grow (hopefully)
  • Business grows (hopefully)
  • People come, people go

There was a time in my entrepreneurial journey that I resisted change.  I spent a lot of time trying to fit circles into squares – trying to force solutions that involved what I perceived to be the least amount of change.  How exhausting and pointless … not to mention expensive!

As a business leader you need to embrace change.  You need to seek out and welcome the new … ideas, perspectives, technology, services, prices, people, spaces, etc.  Equally, you need to let go of what no longer serves you, your team or your business.

I believe successful entrepreneurs must assess and tolerate risk well.  We need to assess, make a decision, and make a move!  In reality, that comes down to:  How Comfortable are You with Change?

Change is uncomfortable, messy and a venture into the unknown.  My greatest breakthroughs have come after allowing myself to feel really, really, really uncomfortable and then embracing the fact that being uncomfortable is simply part of the process.   The Sparta building renovation was long and ugly – the finished coworking facility is spectacular.  The Montclair location is currently under renovation. It’s almost sad to see how awful it looks, but I know when it’s done it will look great and be another fabulous coworking and shared office space facility.

As uncomfortable as change can be … it’s the only way to get through where you are and get to where you want to be.   As I write this blog post, I am looking out my window at my gorgeous pink and white dogwood tree in full bloom.  Talk about inspiration to embrace change … where will you find your inspiration to embrace change?

Stay tuned and if you’d like to embrace change around pricing for profit (I have to admit I am still uncomfortable every time I have to raise prices), join us in Sparta on May 17th for a Lunch Time Learning session on Pricing for Profit, facilitated by Dolores Stammer, Director of the NWNJ Small Business Development Center.  

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