Even though I am now an empty nester, back to school still has the feel of a fresh start.  I do remember how gleeful I was when my children went back to school (there, I said it for you all…gleeful).  My child care was easier (and much less expensive), bedtime was earlier, and the routine was refreshing.

The truth is, as business owners, we need to get back to business as our children go back to school. I am truly excited and motivated by that.  Are you?

Here’s what I know for sure: you can never stop learning, you can never stop trying to improve your skills, and change is ALWAYS just around the next bend.  So stay a student, and here are a few suggestions on how to do that:

  1. Embrace change and develop the skill of creatively problem solving to accommodate those changes.  It’s so much easier and effective than trying to fight it … trust me, I say this from experience.
  2. Budget time and resources for professional development.  Doctor, lawyers, accountants and many professionals must maintain a certain number of continuing education credits … so should you!
  3. Find an accountability partner.  State your goals out loud, write them down and stay focused on working toward them.
  4. Create a mastermind group to gain perspective that you are simply cannot get on your own … no one can.

The bottom line is:  nurture your love of learning.  I have owned C3Workplace for nearly 30 years (actually my anniversary is this October 1st!) and I ran another shared facility for 7 years before that.  If not for being committed to staying a student, this would all get pretty boring.  And frankly, so would life.

The minute that you’re not learning I believe you’re dead.”   Jack Nicholson

We hope you will will find a way to ignite your love of learning and that love will ignite your business results.  We have several ways to help, so keep an eye on our event calendar. 

So as our children go back to school … so should you…and how great is that?!

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