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A simple 4-step approach to planning

Don’t worry, this is a G-rated blog.  But now that I have your attention, my favorite 4 letter business word is P L A N.   Now, don’t stop reading.

As we finish out 2013, are you working on your 2014 plan?  You’ve heard me say it many times now, but strategic planning is the only way to get from where you are to where you are trying to go.  To bring it down to the lowest common denominator:  How much do you want to Earn in 2014 and what’s your plan to get you there?

But rather than getting overwhelmed, I’d like to suggest a simple 4-step approach to begin your plan.

Look back– what has worked, what hasn’t?  What your best successes in 2013, what was the source of that business?  What should you replicate or do more of.  What do you need to eliminate.

Look around you – what competitors are succeeding where you are struggling?  Don’t get negative, get positive.  What are they doing right that you can start doing?  Equally important what trends have started to develop that you can capitalize on?

Look inward – as business owners it’s important that we look at all aspects of our life: career, social, financial, family, physical, mental & spiritual.  Spend a little time reflecting on each of these areas.  If your physical health less than what it should be, you will NOT earn more in 2014.

Look forward – What will you do differently to achieve the goals you have been struggling toward?  What behavior plan will you implement to work toward your goals every single day?  What will your marketing mix be?

In reality your business plan should be an eternal work in progress.  You’ll need map out and constantly tweek your financial plan (budget) and your marketing plan.  And both of those should feed your behaviour plan.  I know, there’s that 4-letter word again, P L A N.

It can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a solopreneur.   We can help.

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Stay tuned…

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