Project Description

The Client:

An attorney with a growing firm.

Where We Started:

We had several conversations with this attorney, over quite a few years. The conversation always centered on the fact that he was working crazy hours and not producing the results he felt he should be. He felt there was a better way, but he just didn’t know how to get there. He was running ragged to meetings, not following up, letting opportunities slip through the cracks and because of all that, leaving money on the table. Not to mention the fact that he was unable to attend his children’s sporting events. OUCH! But even with all that pain, it took several conversations until he was ready to invest in a solution.

During our discovery call, we talked about everything he was doing and everything he wasn’t able to get done (like following up to networking events – what a monumental waste of time: networking without following up). We talked about what business development activities would bring him the greatest results. We talked about driving referrals and building circle of influence versus chasing prospects. We also talked about the technology that he uses to support all these efforts – scheduling tools, calendar, email etc.

What We Did:

We talked about what he was willing to invest (budget) to create a system where he felt his results were appropriate to his effort and would allow him to attend his children’s sporting events (priceless, right?). Based on his budget we transitioned to kick off and we:

  • Reviewed technology and created access/profiles to allow us to work as a seamless extension of him and his firm
  • Set up a direct dial so that his calls could come to us as needed
  • Created a workflow to facilitate networking follow up
  • Held weekly planning calls to re-prioritize as needed
  • Managed his calendar and email as it related to his calendar
  • Booked meetings for him post-networking and as needed
  • Organized his daily meetings geographically for maximum time utilization
  • Began to organization quarterly “Rainmaker Dinners” positioning him as a thought leader
  • Helped him to shift from prospecting to circle of influence building

The Results:

In 3 years, he grew his firm from 4 to 11 attorneys, and he spends a month each summer on vacation.

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