Project Description

The Client:

A non-profit with a small, paid staff, a tight budget, and too much on their plate.

Where We Started:

The Executive Director came to us and said, “I know I need help, but I’m not sure what I need.”  During our assessment process, we took a 50,000 ft view of what her organization was currently experiencing. Through that discussion, we identified several areas where outsourcing would make sense – it’s rarely difficult to identify what can be outsourced.

Now that we had a nice list, we switched gears to impact. Which of the tasks would have the greatest impact for the organization? Which would leverage existing initiatives? Which could “check more than one goal box”? This allowed us to prioritize the list.

From there we moved on to budget – what can the organization afford to spend? Once we landed on a budget, we collaboratively agreed that the best bang for their buck would be email marketing because it would:

  • keep them top of mind among their stakeholders, prospects and members;
  • promote their events, improving attendance and fueling their overall mission;
  • allow them to highlight members, creating member value;
  • feature their resources available to their audience; positioning them as a thought leader;
  • drive traffic to their newly re-designed website

What We Did:

During our kick-off meeting, we created a rolling content calendar, decided on the sections for the e-newsletter, and created a project tracking system to keep everyone accountable to their tasks (both C3Workplace and client’s).

  • We created the e-newsletter template
  • We followed up to get content (from executive director and members)
  • We kept the content calendar up to date with the next 2-3 months’ worth of content
  • We sent out the monthly newsletter
  • We set reminders for all with due dates for upcoming content deadlines
  • We followed up to get content

The Results:

Their click through rate went from 1.1% to 4.5%, which is twice the industry average, within a few months.

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