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Phone Answering Services for Every Business Stage

Phone Answering Service | C3Workplace

Clients are calling and you won’t always be there to answer. But with the C3Workplace phone answering service for small business – you can be!

Are you missing valuable prospects? Are business calls interrupting important moments? Want to put your phone down and not worry what you’re missing? Then a live answering service is the peace of mind you need. Did you know that small and mid-sized businesses miss about 62% of calls when not using a business phone answering service? Or that 85% of consumers have abandoned a call after reaching a recording rather than a live receptionist? A professional phone answering service provides a boost to your image, your peace of mind, and your bottom line.

One of the first solutions a business owner needs is a live phone answering service. Regardless of call volume, the professional first impression of a telephone answering service is an image boost for any business. A live answering service for small business also sets a precedent of professionalism for your clients and provides exemplary customer service, revolutionizing the way you do business. Phone answering will help transform the way you field sales calls, schedule client appointments, and help you take some time off for yourself – finally!

Top 5 reasons to use a call answering service for small business:

  1. Responsive Customer Service
  2. Appointment Setting and Calendar Management
  3. Documented and Measurable Lead Captures
  4. Reporting and call logs to measure leads, incoming call volume, appointments, etc.
  5. Live Customer Service and Virtual Receptionist when you want to take time off!

At C3Workplace, we understand that customers will switch companies because of poor customer service (66% of them, in fact!). That’s why, with nearly thirty years of experience as the best small business answering service, we can help you go from solo to organization and hold on tight to those valuable clients and prospects! With different levels of phone answering service costs and various mix-and-match offerings of telephone answering for you to choose from, we can provide you with the perfect virtual phone answering service for your business. Business call answering service companies can seem like a dime a dozen these days, but with nearly thirty years of phone call answering experience, C3Workplace can help guide the process, find the best telephone answering service for small business plan for you, and get you started with our friendly, professional, and US-based live virtual receptionists.

Check out some of our phone answering service options:

Call Essentials Program

Need an online receptionist to answer your calls with a professional greeting and complete the call transferring directly to your number of choice? Then Call Essentials is for you!

With Call Essentials, you get:

  • Local phone number
  • Professional live receptionist to answer & transfer calls
  • Call forward extension (follow me)
  • Unlimited calls

Virtual Receptionist Program

Would you prefer full time customer support for your inbound calls? Then the Virtual Receptionist Program it is! Our team of professional live virtual receptionists are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (ask about extended hours!) to provide premier call answering service and call handling, including screening, transferring, answering and fielding questions, and providing a much-needed personal and professional touch point for your first-time and long-time callers.

With a Virtual Receptionist, you get all features of Call Essentials, plus:

  • Call screening & transfer (take the call or not – your choice!)
  • Schedule updates
  • Live messages via email
  • Includes 75 minutes of talk time

Live Receptionist Service Add-ons

  • Extended Hours Available
  • Text Messaging Capabilities (Text message open rates can be as high as 98%!)
  • Auto-Attendant Capabilities
  • Voice-to-Text Voicemail Notifications

Virtual Executive Assistant Program

If you’re looking for a virtual executive assistant to improve your all-around operations, we have a staff of renowned professionals available to schedule appointments, manage your calendar, and handle various other administrative tasks. Learn more about our premier Virtual Executive Assistant program!

When small business owners delegate their phone answering service and focus on professional development, business growth will follow. Some of the most successful companies who have used our services include:

  1. Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce
  2. Law Firms
  3. IT Firms
  4. Therapy and Counseling Professionals
  5. Accounting and Financial firms
  6. Marketing Firms

Additional Statistics:

  • 77% of respondents to a survey believe a phone call is the most effective way to get an answer quickly – (New Voice Media)
  • 30% of consumers say not being able to reach a real human is the most frustrating part of a bad customer service experience – (Microsoft)
  • 85% of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back – (

According to Google’s ‘Click to Call’ research, 59% of customers prefer to call because they want a quick answer, whilst 57% call as they want to talk to a real person. – (Google)

A Like-Minded Small Business Community

Working with C3Workplace is more than just acquiring the best small business answering serviceit’s joining a community.

We love sharing our story, our skills, and our friendship with the C3Workplace Community and want to help YOU get involved!

Check out some of the community events, including our annual Small Business Celebration, Chamber of Commerce meetings, webinars, and more that you can become a part of!