C3Workplace has partnered with Paradigm Marketing and Design to created this hands-on education series, which was developed as a resource for small business owners who are poised to exceed $1 million in annual revenue.

Small business owners face an overwhelming journey, one that is filled with challenges and great rewards.  Building an organization that is scalable and affords a meaningful work-life balance means learning how to play the long game of business growth. Every phase of development presents new questions to be answered.  It is an evolution that begins with establishing a solid foundation, is complimented by building an ongoing strategy, and is reinforced with the assistance of outside perspectives.

This series is designed to provide you with innovative and visionary concepts, tools, methodologies and support that will drive your success.  In each course, we will present and then provide solutions to the many challenges small business owners face as their organizations grow. Upon completion of the course, you will have gained some of the tools and knowledge that other successful business owners have used to achieve over $1 million in revenue. Together, we will help you overcome the hurdles that business owners face throughout the growth process.

Course 1: Earn More Foundations Program

In this course—designed for start-ups, solopreneurs and business owners—we will present the best practices, strategies and procedures that establish a strong foundation for success. Upon course completion, you will understand, institute, and execute the behaviors needed to create sound business practices, take action, and achieve your business goals.

Course 2: Smart Marketing Program

The development of a marketing plan by an industry professional costs, on average, $10,000 to $15,000, and in this course, we will provide you with the support and expertise to “do-it-yourself” at a fraction of that cost. During our 3-month workshop and class series, an award-winning marketing strategist will guide you in the development of your organization’s marketing plan. You will learn industry best practices and the proven methodology that Paradigm’s metrics-driven team uses to develop successful plans for their own clients.  By the end of the course, you will have developed your own data driven marketing plan and have gained the know-how to do so again as your organization grows.

The application period is now open for our Spring course.

Course 3: Business Growth Mastermind

Once you have established a strong foundation and are executing your marketing strategy, you will face new challenges in scaling your business.  In this mastermind course, we will prepare you to address topics such as growing your team, creating multiple streams of revenue, maintaining profitability through growth, allocating your time and resources, and more.  The small group format will provide for both educational content and real time solutions to current challenges.

For questions about any of our courses, please email donna@c3workplace.com