You’ve heard me talk about the power of culture.  You’ve heard me talk about getting clear on your values and living them out loud.  Not only do I talk about these things, but we DO live them out loud.  We believe companies should be a force for good, so we are.  We believe profit drives possibility, so we help you to be more profitable (which helps us to be more profitable).  I believe in work-life harmony, so I model that and encourage (sometimes “order”) my team to do the same.  We believe in the power of community and that is YOU.

BUT today, our amazing culture feels very heavy because we have lost one of our dear work family members…

Ellen Scardena went home to her Lord last week. She fought a courageous battle with cancer (not her first time) and laid down her weapons. She was at home surrounded by her loving family.

I was lucky enough to visit her in her last days – it was heartbreakingly wonderful. The first thing Stephen, her husband, said to me was how much Ellen LOVED working at C3Workplace and how she loved all of YOU!  Ellen also wanted us mentioned in the obituary because “you should get some business”.   Sheesh – that’s our Ellen, a consummate relationship builder to the end, and beyond!

We are hobbling a bit today and will be for some time to come.

But I know Ellen and she’d want me to look forward and march on.  Which I will, but I will pause to pay her tribute:

Ellen was Exceptional in simply every imaginable way.  Just like the bumble bee she loved that shouldn’t be able to fly, but does, Ellen accomplished anything she set her mind to and made us all better for it.


Ellen was Loyal to the causes she believed in and she believed in PEOPLE.  Ellen was the best relationship builder I may have every known.  She was our greatest Ambassador even before she became part of the team.


 Ellen was a Leader who didn’t need to be in charge to raise up other people (my definition of a leader).  It’s simply what she did, like breathing, she raised us all up.  She mentored, she volunteered, she showed up in every possible way to be a force for good.  And she was.


Ellen had mad Energy and we all felt it like sunshine on our faces.  Her ever-present smile and optimistic outlook made us all “straighten our crowns” just a bit and be better versions of ourselves.


Ellen was a Nurturing Networker who made everyone feel special.  She had an innate ability to connect and build meaningful connections.  You KNEW she was authentic and truly cared about whatever was right in front of her.

How lucky was I to be right in front of her .. how lucky were all of you!

She leaves a gap that can’t be filled, but she leaves a legacy that lives on and will never be forgotten.

We will miss her terribly.

We will continue to feel her presence for a long time to come.

She will be smiling down on all of us encouraging us to be better versions of ourselves.

And, if I know Ellen, there will be some practical jokes from above as well – can you hear her snickering and laughter?  I can!

In honor of the incredible impact Ellen had on all who knew her, we will be creating the Ellen Scardena Scholarship Fund as a way to continue the noble work she did for others in life and continue her life’s work for years to come. Please stay tuned for details and how you can help us spread the word and provide help to those who need it most.

Rest in Peace Ellen

P.S. We are compiling a tribute book of our memories of Ellen to give her family.  Please email me if you’d like anything included.

P.S.S. If you need help building YOUR culture, let’s talk. (Ellen made me say that – did I mention consummate networker 😊)