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QuickBooks Online has undergone a HUGE transformation this year. In my opinion, it’s gone from a very unfriendly software package to one that holds great tools and features that make bookkeeping life a bit easier, and (dare I say it) even a little enjoyable! However, it’s only a pleasant experience if you know some of the tips and tricks to easily navigate through the software. Read on for my Top 4 Tips & Tricks to Navigating QuickBooks Online:

  1. Using the Right Browser

It’s been recommended that you use QuickBooks Online with either Google Chrome or Firefox. There have been reports of limited functionality and glitches when using QuickBooks Online with Internet Explorer. As a browser overall, Internet Explorer is not usually recommended due to security risks, and would best be avoided when using QuickBooks Online.

  1. Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts

Everything is quicker when you can save some keystrokes! For instance, when entering dates try to use the following, rather than typing in the actual date…

  • Today’s Date: T
  • Beginning of year:Y
  • End of year: R
  • Beginning of month: M
  • End of month: H
  • Beginning of week: W
  • End of week, K

And these are just a few of the many keystrokes you could be using! Simply type those letters in and you’ll find yourself saving time.Once you use it a few times, it becomes almost second nature.

  1. Viewing Multiple Windows

The first time I used QuickBooks Online (many years ago), I clearly remember my frustration when I could not “View Open Windows” and bounce back and forth between various reports and screens as quickly as I would have liked. Talk about annoying!

I am happy to report that the new QBO has remedied that with their Tabbed Browsing. On the left side of your home screen (using Chrome), simply right click any of the categories and click “open link in new tab.” You can even right click on each report, such as Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss, too! And the best part, just like your Desktop’s “View Open Window” – You can also drag any of those tabs to a second monitor!

  1. Sampling QuickBooks Online

If you found the above tips and tricks helpful, but don’t want to use your own file just yet, you can “take a test drive” with this Sample File provided by Intuit:

QuickBooks Online is a comprehensive, helpful, and friendly tool that will absolutely help streamline your process. As both a bookkeeper and for my own finances, I use QBO and love the ease it provides.

These are just a few of my favorite tips. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me today for a consultation!

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