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Every year, Intuit continues to improve QuickBooks Online by listening to feedback received from it’s customers. Below are 5 of the top new tips and tricks of QBO 2016 to help you easily navigate through the software.

  1. Apps – Did you know that Intuit has many, many vetted apps that integrate or sync with QuickBooks Online? The apps can save time and help you better manage your business. We have clients using apps to better track their time, to record their business expenses on the road, and manage their CRM.  However, every app is not for every business. It’s very important to research, or seek the assistance of an expert before making any decisions.
  2. Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts Everything is quicker when you can save some keystrokes! For instance, when entering dates, try to use the following, rather than typing in the actual date…
  • Next day +(plus key)
  • Previous day (minus key)
  • Today T
  • First day of the Week W
  • Last day of the week K
  • First day of the Month M
  • Last day of the month H
  • First day of the Year Y
  • Last day of the year R
  • Press Alt+down arrow to open the pop-up calendar icon to the right of a date field.
  1. Access QuickBooks Online from your mobile Browser – Intuit has a QuickBooks iOS app, and a QuickBooks Android app, and now you can access QuickBooks Online from your mobile device, including pinch and zoom. Just go to in your mobile browser!
  2. QuickBooks Online Payroll Compact mode for those of you who choose to do your own payroll through QuickBooks Online, you can now see more employees at once when you are entering their payroll information on the Run Payroll Screen. Choose: Employees/Run Payroll/Gear/Compact.
  3. Sampling QuickBooks Online – If you found the above tips and tricks helpful, but don’t want to use your own file just yet, you can “take a test drive” with this Sample File provided by Intuit:

QuickBooks Online is a comprehensive, helpful, and friendly tool that will absolutely help streamline your process. As both a bookkeeper and for my own finances, I use QBO and love the ease it provides.

These are just a few of my favorite tips. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me today for a consultation!

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