Efficiency begins and ends with you.

Are your surroundings a contributing factor to the amount of progress you’re making at your desk? Absolutely!

For this post, we are thrilled to feature Kathe Roberts, Professional Organizer and owner of Top to Bottom Organization, LLC! Read on as she gives us her expert opinion on how to maintain focus and get the most out of your workday…


Top 7 Professional Organizer Tips
How to get more out of your day
By: Kathe Roberts

  1. Block the distractions. Turn off automatic notifications that go off on all of your electronic devices, the bells, whistles and lights.  Schedule several times a day to look at and respond to texts and emails.   Do the same for social media (an hour on Facebook feels like 5 minutes). Schedule a set time and stick to it.
  2. When dealing with emails or tasks use the “2 minute rule.”  Anything that can be taken care of in two minutes or less should be dealt with immediately and then crossed off your list!
  3. Keep one calendar for work and personal scheduling.   The calendar can be paper or electronic as long as there is one main place for you to schedule all that is going on in your hectic life.  I like Google calendar (electronic) to keep personal and business tasks color coded and separate.  I have also used the Planner Pad (paper) to prioritize and organize work and personal tasks.
  4. Schedule time in your day for interruptions and running late.  This is a big one for many of us (myself included) that run perpetually late.  By building in an additional 10 or 15 minutes for every appointment you’re much more likely to be on time.
  5. Try this app:  www.mylifeorganized.net to Collect (list), Organize (define projects, tasks and steps to be done) and Do (complete tasks).
  6. Make time in your day for yourself.  Build into your day a little time to relax and refocus.  Stretch, take a walk, or a brief coffee break to refocus your energies and accomplish more.
  7. Minimize multitasking.  Studies show that every time we are interrupted or are pulled away by multitasking it takes 8 minutes to refocus our attention back to the task at hand.   

kathe roberts 1Kathe Roberts is a friendly, empathetic, direct and compassionate person who started Top to Bottom Organization, LLC in order to bring top quality residential and small business organizational services to North/Central New Jersey, and the New York City area. She is passionate about helping people to streamline their material world to make room for what they value and for what is truly important in their lives.

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