I imagine many of you are in the midst of planning for the new year, or at least I hope you are.  You’ve heard me say it before:  if it’s in your head, it’s an idea; if it’s on paper, it’s a plan. Go for the plan. Enough said.

We also hear from many of you this time of year who are also [frantically] gathering receipts together for year-end tax prep. I thought, “What better time to jump back on my soapbox about my second favorite subject –Delegating? Because you simply cannot, and should not, do it all.”

I am 98% confident that you cannot find one successful entrepreneur who achieved their goals by doing it all themselves. So here are my 7 reasons why you need to delegate and why you should start with the bookkeeping (in David Letterman countdown fashion):

7.  Figuring out the software and understanding your numbers are two very different things.

6.  Saving money by avoiding late fees and catching bank errors (which happens quite often in our experience).

5. You need to know which of your services or products drive the most profit so you can focus your marketing efforts on those.

4. Because what takes you 3 hours, can often take a professional bookkeeper 10 minutes. And, don’t you have better things to do with your weekends and evenings?

3. To improve cash flow.  A professional bookkeeper will help you to establish a proactive approach to managing the financial ups and downs of business ownership.

2. Measuring where you are compared to your financial goals –at the click of a button.  This implies a) your bookkeeper has helped you establish and input a budget and b) has created meaningful reports for you that are memorized for easy access.


the #1 reason you should Delegate and Start with your Books is:

1. Reduce stress, reduce stress, and reduce stress.  Unless this is your core expertise, we find it is the #1 source of stress for business owners.  Stress associated with bookkeeping and managing your accounting ranks up there with fear of public speaking.

Here’s what I KNOW to be true:  eliminate negativity (stress) from your life and opportunity will start knocking.

Stay tuned ..

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