As the summer begins, I ponder the concept of graduation. As a self-taught, self-made entrepreneur there is no graduation for me. In fact, I hope you never graduate either!

Our job as business leaders is to position ourselves as thought leaders. As Maya Angelou says: “When you learn, teach; when you get, give.” So the concept of never graduating and staying a student is a sound business practice that you can monetize, and here’s how:

  • Get clear on why you do what you do. People will connect with you emotionally and that’s a powerful draw.
  • Research who wants and needs what you have – not who YOU think wants it, but who is actually willing to pay well for it. Do not compete on price.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader. Teach, speak, share. Confidence is a very attractive, powerful force. Have an ask to continually upsell and monetize.
  • Find your creative space – it may be a group, it may be a person, it may be a place. This summer, you will find me on the beach with my Ipad strategizing and creating.
  • Celebrate! Although we never graduate, we do need to celebrate and share those wins with the world, which feeds into your thought leadership role, your value proposition, and teeing up your ask (did I mention monetizing?).

This summer, you will hear from many of my fellow C3Workplace Thought Leaders with words of wisdom for you to absorb, apply, and monetize (maybe even while you are working on the beach – set those goals!). All of us are simply sharing what has worked for us – simple but powerful.

If you need more structure in your learning, consider The Earn More Program which kicks off again in June.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 … let the celebrating begin!

Stay tuned …

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