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For this post, we are thrilled to feature Cathy Walker, owner of  Solutions Business Consulting with her post submitted to our Small Business Wisdom Contest! Read on as she gives us her “pearl of wisdom” on the Operations end of your small business…

What is an Operations Manual and does a small business need one?
By: Cathy Walker

An Operations Manual is a written standard for your business. It is a reference manual that you and your employees can refer to when needed. Every business can benefit from having an Operations Manual. It doesn’t have to be large, just useful to your business.

Some items that should be covered in your manual are:
Checklist for your business-

  • Opening/closing procedures
  • Daily cleaning for the business.
  • How to answer the phone

Contact list –What if issues arise and the owner is not there?

Policies –

  • Customer polices
  • Return polices
  • Payment methods
  • Dress Code if applicable
  • What to do if an employee needs to call in sick
  • Use of cell phones

The operations manual can give your business consistency and teach your employees how to give a consistent quality customer experience. An operations manual will result in better trained employees. Everyone will know what needs to be done and what is expected of them.

Operations Manuals should be updated at least twice a year, and will grow and change as your business grows and changes.

Cathy Walker

Cathy Walker, owner of Solutions Business Consulting, is a professional business builder with twenty-five plus years of experience with a diverse background as a Sales Manager, Business Owner, Co-Founder, Retail Buyer, and Merchandiser. Her passion for small business is what motivates her to help small business owners navigate today’s ever changing business climate.

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