To kick off our C3Workplace Thought Leader Summer Series, Janet Neal, President & Founder of The Superbwoman, Inc., discusses the work-life balance that is vital for all entrepreneurs. You cannot and should not do it all. Being overworked and overwhelmed not only affects your job performance, but your general overall well-being. Read on to find out how to create and maintain that oh so important work-life balance in your life:

Will You Have a Summer this Summer?
By Janet Neal

In 2000, I left a corporate environment where I had initiated a work/life balance program, feeling I had a good handle on this “balance thing.” Then I began my journey as an entrepreneur.  If I thought I worked a lot of hours within a company, it was nothing like the time and energy invested in starting my own business. Knowing that a balanced lifestyle has all types of benefits, I made that a priority and finally got back into the groove, with the help of these principles:

  1. Know your priorities 
    What’s your #1? Knowing what is most important to you makes it possible for the rest to fall in line. Write down your priorities, so that when that temptation to do otherwise comes along (and it will…), it will keep you in check.
  2. Plan your days 
    I love lists. And calendar entries. Whatever works for you, put a plan in place as to how you are doing to spend your valuable time. Include everything – exercise, shopping, kid’s events. And keep in mind your priorities from #1!
  3. Ask for help 
    This can be the hardest and one of the most important things for entrepreneurs. You CANNOT do it all alone.  Must I repeat that? Do what you are good at and farm out the rest. Put together an advisory board to give you new ideas and perspectives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!
  4. Take a break – and let go of the guilt 
    There is scientific evidence as to the importance – not just the nicety – of downtime. Professional athletes know this: their workouts are always followed by rest times to allow their body to recover. Give yourself a break every so often and release any guilty feelings around it.  It is good for you AND good for the business!
  5. Celebrate your successes 
    You’ve worked hard for your success – don’t let it get lost in the busy-ness! Acknowledge your achievement and treat yourself well.  You deserve it!

An executive I worked for years ago taught me that a balanced employee is a productive employee.  The same goes for entrepreneurs. Enjoy your life and your work and you’ll find greater joy & success!!

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Janet Neal is the President of The Superbwoman, Inc., an organization devoted to providing empowering opportunities for women.  Janet has over 25+ years of corporate experience ranging from large multi-national/multi-cultural organizations to small start up firms, and in roles from administrator to VP Sales & Marketing to President/CEO. She is an experienced speaker, coach and author of Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman.

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