For quite a few years now my “white board” has been my organizational cornerstone. This morning I spent about an hour organizing and updating my white board which is intended to be a one page overview of all the things I have going on. My white board now encompasses two office rental & coworking locations as well as a team that delivers bookkeeping, marketing and administrative staffing and support.

The truth is my one page white board has somehow grown into a 12 page mish mash of typing, handwritten notes and various screenshots of all the things I may need to do or research.  Also, bear in mind I am a very competent delegator but I’ve somehow managed to overload everyone around me as well (I can “hear” my staff smiling).

So, do I work more hours?  Multitask more?  Do I expect even more “above & beyond-ness” from my team?  I think not.

It’s time to take some of my own advice and do what has allowed me to grow a multi-location organization and take frequent vacations including a summer off along the way.  So, today I write to myself and hope that you might glean a pearl of wisdom or a useful tidbit as well.

  1. Take breaks – a short walk does wonders for my perspective.  Get out of the box to think outside the box!
  2. Take care of myself – my greatest asset is me.  I have to put self-care first.
  3. Be realistic – what 3 things will I attempt to complete today.
  4. Be willing to change – since this white board is no longer working I need to stay open to alternatives (without adding another task to my list)
  5. Stay a student – without adding another time constraint to my calendar I will commit to truly listening to the people around me.
  6. Live in gratitude and focus on the positive – enough said.
  7. Be a  “Go-Giver” (by Bob Burg) – no matter how busy I get, I will always make time to give back to staff, colleagues and community.
  8. Find the fun – those of you who have worked with me or have hung around us, you know we love to laugh.  Laughter is great medicine.
  9. Make sure I do something every day to drive my organization forward, that which I am uniquely qualified to do.
  10. Delegate that which takes me away from the focusing on that which I am uniquely qualified to do.

Whew, I feel better already.  Sometimes we just need to restate that which we already know to bring it back to life.

Stay tuned …

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