For so many working parents, an old problem has reared its head in a very new way: childcare. Whether you’re dealing with distance learning, hybrid schedules, or just finding a place to work outside the home, the line between work and life is bending and shifting into a new shape.

C3Workplace has been catering to working parents for decades. As a professional office space provider, we have always promoted a level of control of the workspace that many other places just do not allow.

Over the past thirty years, our clients have had a safe and comfortable place to bring their children as little or as often as they needed. Our tenant, Rohit, has found it especially helpful during the past few months and expressed his gratitude for the variety of options C3 provides:

“Having the option to bring my daughter to the office, has been a real help to our family.  We are all figuring out how to navigate virtual learning, teaching, parenting, and working. The Family Share office option has been great for me…and my daughter loves it too”

C3Workplace President and Founder, Donna Miller, routinely brought her children to work when needed, as one of her top priorities of opening the business was so she could always be a mom first.

Kevin, a tenant of over twelve years (whose daughter is currently a junior in college), recently took some time with us to discuss the benefits of a workplace that allowed him the control to blend work and life for much of his daughter’s childhood:

“For a working parent, one of the biggest concerns is childcare. We had a tough time finding childcare, there were waitlists all over the place not to mention they were very expensive. I found C3Workplace and it worked for my needs. I was able to stay in town which allowed me to be a big part of my daughter’s life growing up.”

Having an office in the C3Workplace shared community meant that Kevin was able to accommodate his changing needs as well as offer his daughter an open work environment where she could learn and grow. “We always felt totally comfortable and at ease here. I was allowed to move the tables while she did homework. The C3 staff were kind and welcoming, they helped support her fundraisers, and I was so grateful that she was able to grow up seeing women working in such a professional capacity and running the office. They would even give her little tasks to do sometimes – although whether she was actually helping or not, I’m not sure!” Kevin shared his memories with a laugh and expressed his gratitude for not just the staff, but the overall environment. “Many days I would even just keep a blanket in the office and she would take a nap while I worked.”

For working parents like Kevin, having space at C3Workplace allowed a full connection to both work and life. He didn’t feel the urge to be remote and distant from his personal life, as many employers expect. C3Workplace office space offers a blend of both business and personal in a way most workplaces can’t. Kevin was able to walk to school, see his daughter’s plays, and have a safe and welcoming place for her to go after school.

“I was totally comfortable and never worried about anyone looking at me or her cross because there was a child. To be able to have a second home for her was peace of mind, and you can’t put a price on that.”

These are unprecedented times and we understand it’s been very difficult for working families. To try and help ease the burden, C3Workplace is eager to share our Family-Share office rentals, Team Rooms, and Team Offices: a private, SafeSpaces™ office that is available 24/7. Spouses can alternate, share the space, get out of the house, bring the kids with them, and find their own personal ways to be productive over the long haul.

Nothing about this time has been ideal for anyone, but just imagining how different your work and life situation could be going forward is an intriguing thought.

If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call at: 973-509-4632. C3Workplace is always ready to welcome you into the community and cater to your needs.